5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Mobile Phone Insurance

Mobile phone insurance is always an issue which people toy with. Should they get it? Do they need it? The truth is, phone’s these days are expensive pieces of equipment and if you lose them you lose both expensive technology as well as personal details (contacts etc).

Getting mobile phone insurance can help you cover your back in case the worst happens and your phone is lost or stolen, but its important you do your research and get a deal which offers you all the cover need as well as the best value.

Below are 5 tips for getting the right mobile phone insurance cover and avoiding the pitfalls that come with mobile phone insurance policies:

  • Don’t immediately accept the insurance cover you are offered when you buy the phone. This is usually the most expensive cover out there but is what people usually accept simply because it is packaged in one place and comes at the point of purchase.
  • Shop around! Independent insurers are desperate to get your business so offer far better deals than the large networks. With these guys you have more leverage and are likely to get better value for money.
  • Do you have home contents insurance cover? If so, it may be that you are already covered or that a slight increase in that insurance will cover your phone at a fraction of the cost of the deals offered with the phone.
  • Buy in bulk! If you have a family who all have mobile phones then you could bring them all together and get policies which cover all of them. This will come at a discounted price and offer a much better deal on each individual phone.
  • Beware of ‘free’ cover. Often sales people will tell you about your phone coming with free insurance, but this turns out to be just for the first month and then a highly inflated fee is charged for following months which you don’t realise.


The key to finding the best deal is doing your research and asking in depth questions at the point of purchase. Make sure you read the small print and shop around and you’ll end up with the best deal for you and on your comfortable with.

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